What is The Difference Between House and Techno Music?

difference between house and techno music

12 Sep What is The Difference Between House and Techno Music?

House and Techno are probably the two most recognized genres of dance music, and each has filled dance floors and earbuds for 30 years. Despite their notoriety and established fanbases, there has often been confusion and many times they get mistaken for each other. Here is a bit of background and information that might help answer the question: what is the difference between house and techno music?

House Music

difference between house and techno musicA new club opened its doors in the Southside of Chicago in 1977. Frankie Knuckles opened the club, called The Warehouse, and gave this new music its name. The first descendant of Disco, Knuckles created this new sound by mixing Eurobeat pop with older, Disco records.

Electronic pop by English groups like Depeche Mode melted into the more true Disco sounds of Georgio Moroder, gave rise to what became known as ‘House Music.’ Knuckles would change the tempos of existing records, then layer different bits of percussion over to make them more conducive to the dancefloor of The Warehouse. With this, a new sound that has echoed for thirty years was born.


difference between house and techno musicIn the early 80’s, groups like Kraftwerk were making what was being referred to as ‘Synth Pop’ records. Utilizing little more than synthesizers, a drum machine, and a vocoder, they created a sound that sparked an inspiration. Juan Atkins was listening to these records as a teenager in Detroit, finding inspiration and looking for a way to coax a new sound out of these records.

Atkins began experimenting with his synthesizer, sampling sounds, piecing together bits and pieces to create entire tracks made 100% electronically. The name ‘Techno’ was first used by Atkins, solidified by the title of his 1983 release, ‘Techno City.’Not long after, Juan met up with the other two pieces of the Techno Triangle, Kevin Saunderson, and Derrick May. This was around the time House was taking off, and Derrick provided the bridge between Chicago and Detroit.

What’s the Difference Between House and Techno Music?

A wise man once asked: as long as it’s good music, what does it matter? But, for some people, knowing what they’re getting ourselves into is very important. Techno has often been defined by a dark and futuristic sound, stripping away any and all evidence of any humanistic qualities. Almost as machines were making the music themselves. While House quite often brings forward a warmer, more upbeat sound, and more to its spirit as a direct descendant of Disco.

Many DJ’s strictly remain in their lane as a true House or Techno performer, but it’s not unheard of for a DJ to color outside the lines and go back and forth between the genres seamlessly. If it works for their dance floor and they’re able to make it work, the blend between the two can make a great sound and memorable mix.

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