What’s The Best Way To Have A Surprise Engagement Party

29 Apr What’s The Best Way To Have A Surprise Engagement Party

Are you ready to pop the most important question but don’t know how to make a proposal special and memorable? A Surprise Engagement Party might be the perfect way to make your day special.

Coming up with the right idea about how to ask these words can be a challenging task even for romantic guys. Everyone expects it to be something big and personalized to your relationship. Understandably, that’s a lot of pressure. But don’t be stressed, below you can find some great ideas that will help you make the proposal unforgettable. Besides, there are also some useful tips for making the moment even more magical.

Surprise Engagement Party

Select the Right Location

Try to pick a location that brings some good memories. For instance, it could be a place where you had the first date, the bar where you shared the kiss or the restaurant where you said: “I love you”. Going back there signifies that your relationship has made a full circle.

Have her Family and Friends Share the Moment

They could be there with you, for example, during a holiday dinner or a family gathering. However, if you’d like the proposal to be only for you and her, you could have the closest family members and friends out of view, looking from a vantage point. When you pop up the question and she agrees, wave others a hug and congratulations. As a result, Surprise Engagement Party - Birthday Bottle Serviceyou get an intimate moment and have your loved ones share the moment immediately afterward.

Small tip: make the proposal as a part of your holidays. With family in town for New Year’s, all of your besties will be there for the proposal. In the future, the holiday will be more significant as you think when you got engaged.

Show a Video Asking her Parents for Blessing

You talked to her parents – which are a nice idea and quite gallant of you – let her also see that moment. You don’t have to add a fancy soundtrack or effects, just design it the way you like. She’ll love to feel privy to such an important gesture and see how respectful you are.

Small tip: if your better half has kids, ask them if they’re also okay with you proposing to the mom. Cuteness abounds!

Plan a Scene from the Movie she Loves

Do you remember the scene from Love Actually where musicians pop up and serenade to guests? If she loves that movie, pre-arrange a movie theater for your proposal and have the musician to sit in the rows. Of course, you can also invite family or friends.
When the movie starts playing and opens with that scene, leave musicians start playing, making the moment come Surprise Engagement Party - Birthday Bottle Servicealive and then you propose. That’s a total wow-idea!

Bring the flowers

Arrange a floral décor and give her a surprise bouquet. To add a romantic touch, use a symbolic number of flowers. For instance, if you’re together for eight years, have an eight-rose bouquet for her. However, if you’ve been together for a year, one rose wouldn’t make a bouquet, so what about including a flower for each month you’ve spent together? Share the symbolism with her.

Small tip: Now you have a ritual for the marriage! Each year on your wedding anniversary, you can add more flowers, transporting her back to the proposal moment.

Last but not least, make sure that she is fine with the public proposal before planning something involving a crowd of people. Gauge her feelings before proposing at a sports game or making a flash mob in the movie theater. Simply remember that not everyone is up for being a center of attention.

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