Where to Go for a VIP Nightlife Experience in Hollywood

03 Aug Where to Go for a VIP Nightlife Experience in Hollywood

Whenever people hear or see the word “Hollywood”, it’s easy to imagine the nightlife. It will be nights of fun and careless abandon in bars and clubs you share with Hollywood personalities. We can’t blame people for expecting extravagance and a night to remember. However, that’s not always the case. If you ask locals, they always say the best bars and clubs are found outside Hollywood. A majority of them are well worth the metro ride. But let’s not humor those folks and let’s talk about the best VIP nightlife experience in Hollywood.

For this list, we picked out 5 locations in and around Hollywood. Let’s find out which one is perfect for you.

Boosty Bellows

Bootsy Bellows LA

If you feel adventurous and you are ready for a few surprises then the Boosty Bellows is a must-go. The hybrid bar-lounge-dance club was founded by David Arquette and business moguls Brian Toll and John Terzian. Once inside, you are greeted by the warm and vintage feel of the venue. This is complemented by the 1960’s inspired deco interior complete with the curved booths, mirrors, and shiny chandelier.

What separates Boosty from the others is the type of entertainment offered in the venue which can range from live concerts, DJs, burlesque dancers, and even puppet shows. It’s not easy to get inside though and the line is always long, so it’s always better to book in advance for a private event.

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Emerson Theatre

emerson theatre

Looking for a place where you can feel like a million dollars? Why not go to the Emerson Theatre? The place just spells Gatsby (complete with the burlesque dancers) and the venue will transport you to the time of the pre-prohibition. The Emerson Theatre embodies the VIP nightlife experience with a sizeable dance floor in the middle surrounded by two bars, a DJ station, and larger than life booths.

The dress code is a bit upscale and the door is known to be a little bit strict. Its clientele includes the artsy and refined crowd of Hollywood so it will be nice if you try to fit in. So if you want to know how it would have felt like to party with the rich folks back in the 1920s then head on down to the Emerson Theatre.

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Doheny Room

Doheny Room Bottle Service

A great lounge will sate not only your need for a place to hang out and have fun but also your appetite. This is exactly why Doheny Room is making this list. While not a big name in the party scene, the Doheny Room makes up for it with their exquisite menu.

Located in West Hollywood, this luxurious lounge offers a menu patterned after the celebrated LA food truck culture. There’s no singular taste or style that dominates the menu. This means even the pickiest of eaters will find something to love in the Doheny Room. Their cocktail list is nothing to be scoffed at as Doheny’s was created by the Cocktail Academy and is a colorful homage to the life of the LA oil mogul the lounge was named after.

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Hemingways Lounge

There comes a point when nightlife no longer means rave parties or dance clubs. To a lot of us, nightlife means being in the same room as hundreds of books sipping cocktails. If you are the type of person that likes the latter then Hemingway’s Lounge is perfect for you.

Named after the famous author, this lounge pays tribute to American Literature in a creative way. Inside the lounge, you will be met with walls lined up with books and vintage typewriters showing quotes from the author. The cocktails available are also named after Hemingway’s famous works like “The Sun Also Rises” or “Death in the Afternoon”. The upscale and classy look of the venue gets even amped up with the artsy crowd that frequents the place.

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Nightingale Plaza

Nightingale Plaza LA

What do you get when you mix in elegance and new technology? You get Nightingale Plaza. From the outside, the club looks like it was plucked right out of a futuristic sci-fi movie. The venue can accommodate around 500 people and has 3 different “environments” – a main-room for partying, 2 adjacent lounges, and a garden oasis right under the LA sky.

Once you get inside the lounges you get this European feel all thanks to the floral theme they have all over the lounge. The Nightingale Plaza complements all these with mirrored ceilings and LED lighting that gives it a “place lost in time” kind of vibe in it.

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