Where to Go For House Music in NYC

05 Sep Where to Go For House Music in NYC

House Music has proven to be the most enduring and timeless style of dance music over the years. Picking up from where Disco left off and spinning itself into a completely unique sound and style, House has revealed itself as the lifeblood of dance culture in New York City, the US and worldwide. Finding the best of what House has to offer can be a daunting ordeal, so we’ve highlighted where to go for house music in NYC.


where to go for house music in NYCLocated in the Greenwich Village area, Cielo has been a pillar of House Music for close to fifteen years. Featuring world-class DJ’s accentuate the elite residents rocking it during weekly events such as Future Disco, Funkbox and Toca Tuesdays, Cielo is an essential cornerstone of the scene.

Cielo focuses on the basics; the world’s best DJ’s, top-flight service, sunken dance floor with excellent acoustics and a Funktion One sound system designed to blow minds.

Bossa Nova Civic Club

Located in the heart of Brooklyn, BNCC has established itself as NYC’s coziest house music hangout. This ‘tropical fantasy dance club’ has established itself as a cornerstone in the thriving Bushwick scene, standing out from the pack with reliably hot lineups and an undeniable sound system.

In less than five years they’ve made a name for themselves with House music fans and artists alike, and look to continue their rep as the spot for locals to get their groove on in Brooklyn.

Good Room

‘Built by music lovers, for music lovers’ is the motto on full display at Good Room. Nightlife impresario Steve Lewis opened Good Room in the fall of 2014, specifically with the DJ in mind.

Boasting an ample dance floor and a secondary space title ‘Bad Room’ for more intimate events, and decor featuring stained glass and a chandelier made of ram’s horns, Good Room is sure to leave an impression and keep you grooving after the midnight hour.

where to go for house music in NYC

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