Private Venues for Bridal Shower in NYC

Where to host a bridal shower in NYC

14 Mar Private Venues for Bridal Shower in NYC

The time is upon us again as the season of weddings approaches with tons of joyous bride-to-be’s happily awaiting to be married. For the Bridesmaids, they will be wondering where to host a bridal shower in NYC. Meanwhile, for the brides, time will be spent planning tons of occasions, with bridal showers being one of the main events that they highly look forward to.

But planning a bridal shower isn’t easy in NYC and finding the perfect private space is one of the challenges that bridesmaids face. Fret not for we will be providing you with some valuable information for bridal showers in this article. Covering both gift ideas and some of the best private spaces in NYC, Birthday Bottle Service has got you covered during this season of joy.

Gift and Theme Ideas for a Bridal Shower

Where to host a bridal shower in NYCBridal shower gift ideas can be rather troublesome to deal with, especially since the venue has to be decorated to fit the bridal shower theme ideas. What’s left, of course, seems to take away the joy of the actual gift giving. Instead of allowing that to happen, why not opt instead for a theme that would present the guests with opportunities to bestow upon the bride some really meaningful gifts?

Consider a bridal shower themed around fine dining. Gifts can range from wine to foods and dishes that the bride would enjoy. For those brides that refuse to accept gifts, throwing for them a philanthropy based wedding would be perfect! The guests can donate to a charity of their choice in the bride and groom’s name and this way, both parties are happy.

Where to Host a Bridal Shower in NYC

Now without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the best private venues for bridal showers in NYC.


beautique-nycBeautique Restaurant and Lounge has one of the most elegant private spaces around in NYC, perfect for your bridal shower this wedding season. Upon entering the restaurant, even the decor spells of love and romance, inspired by renowned French fashion designer, Coco Chanel.

With four different private spaces, namely the main dining room, the oval room, the private dining room and the lounge, there’s a venue for any bridal shower theme ideas that you may have! Not to mention, the restaurant is renowned for its award-winning menu that can be customized to fit your needs so there is no need to worry about external catering.

Together, all of these fantastic amenities make Beautique a great consideration for where to host a bridal shower in NYC!

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Atwood NYC

Atwood NYCShould you be looking for an event space that is both cozy and inviting, then Atwood NYC is the place for your bridal shower! With natural brick, reclaimed wood and an overall rustic design, this will be the perfect spot for a bride that loves a homey environment with feel-good vibes all around it.

Atwood NYC prides itself in its classical and ageless ambience all while serving as a kitchen and bar, a unique combination not found very often in modern spaces. Have a friendly and inviting wedding shower here at Atwood NYC!

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Ainsworth Park

Ainsworth Park NYC

If space makes where to host a bridal shower in NYC a difficult choice due to the sheer number of guests you plan to invite to the bridal shower, then Ainsworth Park may be the perfect location for you!

Located in the heart of Gramercy and Union Square, Ainsworth Park brings to you an elegant twist to your typical restaurant and sports bar with charming interior and eclectic touches of urban chic and rustic interiors.

The main restaurant itself has four private areas for booking and a large 60ft patio for your guests to mingle around during the bridal shower. Aside from that, your guests will not be short of entertainment with over 65 televisions scattered across the venue.

Perfect for a casual gathering of close friends and family, have your bridal shower here at Ainsworth Park and you will not regret it!

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