Where To Party in NYC

where to party in nyc

10 May Where To Party in NYC

Party lovers can flock to NYC, the city that never sleeps, to find luxe lounges, bustling bars, and crazy clubs. But the nightlife in the city is more than music, burlesque, and comedy. There are so many places open throughout the night, you can find yourself wandering from venue to venue with a group of friends. When you’re out on the town, check out where to party in NYC for an unforgettable night.

DL Lounge

dl-nyc11-290x165DL Lounge is one of the most desirable places not only in the Lower East Side, but also in NYC. The wonderfully designed lounge and restaurant has two separate rooms that can operate in conjunction with one another or independently.

The DL Lounge hosts numerous parties and special events. The second floor, called the Red Room, is a great place to let go of the week’s worries and dance. If you’re looking for the best NYC nightlife hotspots, the Red Room is one of the best places to be.

The third floor is the real crown jewel of the club. It features a spacious room, outdoor patio, and a retractable roof, creating a unique experience that transports you off the streets and offers a new perspective of the Lower East Side. Add DJs that set the ambiance and a relaxed atmosphere, and you’ll feel invigorated in no time.

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Katra LoungeKatra is a place that you will want to include in your NYC nightlife calendar. This place provides a Moroccan vibe for party lovers, which makes for a unique venue to throw a party. Katra sets the perfect mood through carefully crafted design and decor, and features handcrafted tapestries, light fixtures, and sculptures.

Katra has plenty of room to celebrate any event, or just to go out with friends. This beautiful lounge includes comfortable couches and seating on each of its two floors. The drinks are delicious, and bottle menus offer guests a variety beverage options, which are perfect for those who want to make a party extraordinary.

The staff at Katra is attentive and cares about your experience, doing everything to ensure your night out is a success. The music, which is different on both floors, completes the night. Katra is famous for delivering the best party experience.

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