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Nightlife in NYC on Sundays

16 May Nightlife in NYC on Sundays

Most people assume that nightlife in NYC on Sundays doesn’t exist. In fact, NYC is dubbed the ‘city that never sleeps’ for a reason. It’s true that boozy brunches rule Sunday outings, but that only accounts for a few hours out of the day. These...

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Nightlife in NYC Meatpacking District

09 May Nightlife in NYC’s Meatpacking District

There are plenty of things to do in NYC’s Meatpacking District for tourists and locals alike. Between showrooms, art exhibits, the High Line, and Chelsea Market, the days are packed with possibilities. Once the shops close for the day and night approaches, you may find...

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18 Apr Where to Host Fundraisers in NYC

Many people wonder where to host fundraisers in NYC with the very limited space in the city and unfamiliarity about fitting locations. But that can be easily circumvented! Whether you’re a huge organization or a small startup company that is looking for a private space...

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04 Apr Where to Celebrate Cinco de Mayo in NYC

This coming May, Mexicans and Americans alike will be ready to celebrate Cinco de Mayo in NYC as the date approaches in full speed amidst the beautiful weather. True, the ever-persistent showers in April may have put a slight dampening on your spirits, but get...

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July at Christmas

13 Dec How to Celebrate July at Christmas in NYC

This Christmas season, if you’re not ready to embrace the cold and dull weather, then feast your eyes on the following locations that will absolutely leave you impressed with their astounding summer vibe amidst the winter weather in NYC. Perfect for those who wish to...

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