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Board Room Nightclub

13 Apr Check out the best Chicago clubs

Some of the best Chicago clubs, are host to some of the biggest events and venues. Are you celebrating a 21st birthday, planning a bachelorette party for friends, or simply planning a business event for workers, there are several great venues to choose from. In addition to the many celebrity spottings at these clubs, they are also the busiest, and most visited clubs in the city, by locals as well as visitors. If you want to fully enjoy your night out, at one of the best Chicago clubs, you can book with us, and one of our reservation specialists, for any event you have planned ahead.

The venues

There are a number of great venues to choose from, when you are selecting where to host your event. Dolphin is one of the hottest clubs in Lincoln Park. With several rooms, different styles, and a great DJ each night, you will enjoy a range of tunes, and a variety of music styles, during the event you have planned. Castle is another hot club in River North. A world class DJ, and a top 100 ranking in the US, makes it a must visit in the city, and a great place to plan your next event. Bodi is another great club, if you have a diversified crowd. With two different floors, and two entirely different atmospheres, everyone can enjoy the great music, laid back style, and the entire venue.

Board Room Nightclub

The Board Room, Bevy, Spybar, and 8fifty8, are a few of the additional popular hot spots to visit, when you are planning an event. Depending on the type of venue you are planning on hosting, these are some of the best Chicago clubs to visit, all of which provide something a little different for the guests in attendance.

The service options

When booking your venue at one of the best Chicago clubs, we provide you with one of two options. The first, is the bottle service. With this option, you will receive one free bottle, with the purchase of a bottle. Additionally, you receive a VIP table, and you choose the VIP guest list. This allows you to make your way in to any of these clubs, without having to wait in line. No need to stand outside for hours, trying to get in, when the lines are long.

The second option is the no cost package. With this deal, you are going to receive a free bottle champagne for the evening, along with the VIP table, and the VIP guest list. With this package, you are required to have a group of twenty or more in attendance. So, if you are celebrating a party, an anniversary, or any other big event or accomplishment you want to toast with champagne, this is a great choice for the larger groups you have planned.

With either of these service options, you will be working with a VIP reservation specialist. One of our professionals is going to work directly with you, to plan the perfect event. They will not only help you choose one of the best Chicago clubs, based on the crowd, and type of venue, they will also suggest the package that is right for you, based on the number of guests, and the type of drinks you would like to enjoy for the evening. Your reservation specialist is also going to work with you on the night of the event, to ensure only those who are on your guest list, are going to gain admittance to your table, to enjoy the night out with you and your family and friends.

No matter which of the hot clubs you want to visit, a VIP package is the great way to celebrate. It is not only going to help you save on the cost of the event you have planned, it is also the only sure way you will get in to the best Chicago clubs, on some of the busiest nights of the week. It is also the easiest way to know you are going to get a table when you are finally in the club, and want to enjoy the night out, celebrating an accomplishment, a birthday, or even just a work holiday party or meeting, that you have planned.

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