Doheny Room

9077 Santa Monica Blvd, West Hollywood, CA 90069

Type: Lounge
Neighborhood:  West Hollywood

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Venue Description

Doheny Room is the type of drinking establishment that celebrates the history of the state in an almost ironic way. Named and themed after an oil tycoon this restaurant and lounge is a fun place to celebrate just being in Los Angeles. The venue stands out from many lounges in LA by featuring an eclectic menu, a patina of the extensive taste that makes up Southern California. The décor is luxurious yet casual, and they also have a cocktail menu as comforting and aware as the food.


The people behind the Doheny room are proud of the high concept behind the establishment. They tout a menu inspired by the food truck culture that feeds LA day after day. This diversity means you can find something you like and something new every time. The whole of the menu features all sorts of treats like the tasty Korean Kobe sliders and things like the lobster poutine. The ingredients are fresh and tasty every day as well. And even vegans can find a tasty bite to eat at Doheny. There are plenty of delicious options with no meat or animal products like many of the fancier establishments in the city.


The taste of the place is helmed by superstar chef Danny Elmaleh who knows how to keep the party fed as he did at Cleo and several of the other mega clubs in LA. You can expect many of the flavors from your favorite clubs to appear at the Doheny Room. When it comes to drinks, you will find beverages inspired by Edward Doheny Jr. The menu was created by the Cocktail Academy, and it honors the LA oil mogul proud in the form of drinks with names like the Black Gold which features muddled cherries and Effen Black Cherry Vodka. Or the Loma Vista made with pineapple juice, mezcal, and pressed ginger.

Additional Info
  • Avg Drink Price : $7-12
  • Capacity : 250
  • Door Policy : Strict
  • Dress Code : Upscale
  • Hours : 10p-4a
  • Music : Top 40, DJ Format
Select Bottle List
  • Absolut 300
  • Belvedere 375
  • Grey Goose 350
  • Jack Daniels 300
  • Ketel One 350
  • Patron 375
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