24 10月 7 Things to Do for Friendsgiving in NYC

Friendsgiving is one of the best unofficial holiday traditions during the year. A group of friends gets together for Thanksgiving-themed food, fun, and festivities – what else could you ask for? Most Friendsgiving events won’t take place on Thanksgiving itself, but on a different day...

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17 10月 5 Places for Boozy Brunches in Manhattan

Boozy Brunches are one of this decade’s greatest inventions. A flat fee on a Sunday morning can score you a meal and bottomless – or at the very least, very affordable – mixed brunch standbys like Mimosas and Bloody Marys just cannot be missed! Best...

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10 10月 What is Friendsgiving, and Why Should You Celebrate It?

You may have heard about Friendsgiving from a friend or coworker, and you might be curious about what it all entails. If you’ve ever what is Friendsgiving, or why you should celebrate it, look no further. We’ve got all the answers you want! What is Friendsgiving,...

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28 9月 8 Tips to Make Your First Date a Success

First dates are an exciting and momentous event. They can either set the stage for a second date and a potential long-term relationship, or they can help both people realize that it’s just not working. Here are 8 tips to make your first date a...

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Planning a Halloween Party for Adults

26 9月 Planning a Halloween Party for Adults

Although it seems like January just wrapped up, October is already here. For most of us, that means that leaves are changing and the weather is finally perfect for hot cocoa, scarves, and coats. Halloween is a big tradition for many households, but what’s a...

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tips to meet new friends

22 8月 5 Tips to Meet New Friends This Semester

Making friends as a child took no effort at all. If you’re less than 12 years old, all it took was sharing space and time for a few minutes with someone at or near your age. Simple as that. Odds were that there was some...

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how to balance partying and studying

15 8月 How to Balance Partying and Studying

Whether you’re new to college life or coming to the end of your studies, you have no doubt experienced the quintessential college conundrum: how can you fit both partying and studying into 24 hours? We’ve got you covered. Here are our top tips for how...

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divorce party

08 8月 How to Throw the Perfect Divorce Party

Divorce is a subject needlessly steeped in negative connotations. As comedian Louis CK has said: ‘If two people married, and they had a great thing and then they just got divorced, that would be really sad. But, that has happened zero times.’ So, why not...

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01 8月 5 Unconventional Days to Celebrate in September

Everyone has a favorite holiday of the year. Turkey and stuffing come November; a sky full of fireworks on the fourth of July; and Winter or Summer Solstice are but a few of our personal favorites. But, why limit yourself to the classics? Here are...

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18 7月 10 Reasons to Choose a Bottle Service Package for Any Party

If you’re planning an upscale party or event, there is no better resource than a Birthday Bottle Service package. We're the perfect choice for those looking to have a memorable experience with their fun loving friends. Whether it’s a small event or you have many...

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13 6月 Why Plan a Wedding After-Party?

A wedding after-party takes place after the official ceremony and reception have concluded. At first glance, this type of party may seem redundant after a full day of wedding events. Nonetheless, this type of party is becoming increasingly popular. Following a busy day of celebrations and...

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01 6月 Recovering from Hangovers with DripHydration

In the middle of a fun, energetic party, the last thing you may be thinking about is keeping hydrated. Everyone knows that staying hydrated can help you avoid - or at least reduce - the dreaded morning hangover. But even the most vigilant partygoers can...

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