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19 Jun Actors Playhouse NYC

Actors Playhouse NYC

The New York Theater, the Actors Playhouse NYC is on 7th Avenue between Grove Street and Barrow Street in the West Village and has been entertaining guests since 1956 and is quite a landmark. The theater seats 162 and has a great intimate atmosphere.

It hosted premieres of such plays as Lorcaís Blood Wedding two years after opening its doors. Over the years some of the biggest off-Broadway plays have been performed here. In 1981 Marry Me A Little was also premiered here. International repertory company productions have been performed here with plays such as Fortune and Menís Eyes. Famous artists and musicians have been patrons here, such as Jimi Hendrix, al Pacino and the late John Lennon.

Beginning in January 2013 the theater will feature performances from many different artists from contortionists of the Cirque du Soleil to violinists and accordion artists. Expect the unusual when you come to The Actors Playhouse theater. It has become a fresh conception in this amazing city where night life is always vibrant.

Under new ownership, the Actors Playhouse NYC today has is now a glamorous venue with elaborate lighting and is quite the place for night action, featuring bottle service. The walls have been stripped to show their original brickwork, making it quite unique as far as theaters are concerned. Newly renovated, it still houses new plays and musicals. It was the aim of the renovators to preserve its original old worldly charm and Juergen Wessely, historical architect as well as designer Antonio Di Oronzo Bluarch worked together to create the wonderful theater you see today.

You will see from the description that they have done marvels to bring the old and new together in perfect ambiance. When you enter the building from the street level, you will go down the original stairs that now opens into a room from another era. There is warm lighting, natural tones and curved walls to create a welcoming atmosphere. The banquet seating lining the curved walls helps create an impression similar to an amphitheater which surrounds the central stage.

Looking up, you will be amazed to see sheepskin on the ceiling which is yet another focal point of the design of this theater. Another great feature is the immense bar giving guests space and freedom to roam about and enjoy the atmosphere and mingle.  You feel at home but you feel excited at the same time. Old and new come together in perfect symmetry and awakens your senses.

Actors Playhouse NYC is a one of a kind theater in a city full of theaters. Its mission is to promote the arts in New York City in the same way it has done since its inception over fifty years ago. You can come here to enjoy the eclectic and unusual. So next time you are in New York, get tickets to events at this famous theater, soak up the atmosphere and enjoy the performance it will definitely be one of a kind.

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